Northwest Classen High School

Want to RALLY around Northwest Classen High School to serve the teachers, staff, and students? Join with local churches to RALLY around this school!

You can RALLY around Northwest Classen by participating in our Coach Adoption Program, volunteering for NWC's after-school meal program, and helping with special projects & events as needed!


Coaches are special people and we want to make sure they know that's true! Join local churches as we RALLY around the coaches of Northwest Classen encouraging and supporting them in their important work. We're asking for groups to commit to supporting a coach through the school year with tangible, relational, and volunteer needs. If your group is interested in learning more, contact for details today! Or fill out the form below, and we will get in contact with you!

After-school meal program:

More details coming.

special projects & events:

Special events and projects often come up in the life of a school, and they need you to RALLY around them to help get it done! This could be anything from helping with a school event to attending an athletic game for a sports team. We will let you know about these projects/events as they are needed.

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