NW Classen Partnership Opportunities

Monthly support a coach:

This is a great way to be personally involved in the school and with an individual coach. We will match you with a coach, and send you a profile they filled out of what makes them feel appreciated and how you could best partner with them. Then, each month, you/your small group will communicate with your coach to find a time to drop off a personalized care package made by you/your small group. This is a great entry point to encourage coaches, and discover how you might partner with them to fill classroom/team/personal needs.

Support a Team (Seasonal):

You and your church or small group can adopt a team for the season by supporting them at their games, providing meals and/or snacks, and coordinating with the coach to best partner with them and their team.

Support a Team (single game):

Don’t have the capacity to take on the whole season? Choose a game off of the schedule and reserve that game to provide a meal for the whole team, and then enjoy the game! We estimate that a meal would cost about $7/person. Even if you don’t have the time to volunteer or attend the game, but you'd like to cover the meal, you can reserve the game by donating money for the meal that day, and we will make it happen.

Support a Team (single game):

Directly impact athletes by making a small game day care package, or select the team and game day you’d like to support, and donate approximately $4/player, and we will make the care package and delivery on your behalf.

Reserve a Cheer Pack for game or event:

Make your own cheering section! We have prepared a box of NW Classen spirited megaphones, pompoms, and small cowbells that you can purchase to use at games while you and your group cheer on your team! The box will be enough for 25 people.

Sponsor and/or Host a Coaches Dinner & Meeting:

Every month, the coaches all meet together over a meal. A great way to encourage and support them in their great work is to provide a space and meal for this meeting time. Your church or group can reserve a month to host and/or sponsor the meal. You can offer a space at your church for their meeting/rent a restaurant space, and provide a meal for them. We are willing to help you coordinate, as they typically schedule their monthly meetings on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays around 5pm.

Sponsor a Work Night:

Every month, we put together care packages for coaches who aren’t matched with and individual/group. By sponsoring a work night, your donation will cover the products we fill the care packages with. ($150/school)

Reserve a Work Night:

Gather your friends, family, and/or co-workers and reserve a month’s work night to be the committed volunteers for assembling care packages. You can use our office space to have a fun time putting care packages together as a group. It typically lasts from 7-8:30, but we will happily work with your schedule to find a day and time frame that works for you.


Got a few hours here and there that you’d like to spend partnering with sports teams? We’ll send out volunteer opportunities as they arise, like supporting the year end sports banquet, or other various events.