How does rally work?

The RALLY team will create a personalized Game Plan and launch each church or business into driving the partnership with their school. We have the experience that gives us an inside scoop on the right questions to ask, specific needs that should be addressed, the ins and outs of the public-school calendar, and more. We can help make the transition into a new working partnership between the school and a church or business a smooth one. After launch, the RALLY team will decrease involvement and provide support to reach the end goal of the church/business and school having their own organic relationship.

a game plan could include:

  • Work nights at the school
  • Teacher support & appreciation
  • Rallying around a sports team
  • Mentoring & tutoring
  • Volunteering at school events
  • Supporting Art or music programs
  • Anything else you can dream!

Want to get connected? Contact us and we'll help create a personalized Game Plan and Launch Kit.

RALLY is a project of The Spero Project, a registered 501 (c)3 non-profit organization located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The Spero Project exists to mobilize the church to know, love, and value our neighbors.